Top 5 Causes for Boating Accidents


Accidents can happen anywhere, and boats are a common locale for injuries to occur. The fun of the warmer months often leads people to make poor decisions, leading to injuries of many kinds. Consider the following top five causes for boating accidents all over the U.S.:

1. Alcohol

Alcohol use is the number one cause of accidents on boats nationwide. This is because alcohol lowers inhibition and leads to poor choices. Unfortunately, boats are often in dangerous situations, so people are more likely to be injured when on a boat than when facing the same situation on dry land. Crashing a boat has all of the same implications as crashing a car, except the added danger of drowning is also there.

2. Inattention

Not paying attention to the water is incredibly dangerous. With fewer vehicles on the water than on roadways, many people think it is ok to be lax, but that could lead to serious accidents.

3. Inexperience

Just as is seen with cars, new boaters are more likely than their experienced counterparts to cause an accident.

4. Speeding

Speeding can make it incredibly difficult for even experienced boaters to safely maneuver waves and rocks. Learning how fast boaters can go in certain situations can save lives.

5. Weather

Boaters should always consider the weather when preparing for a day on the water. The force of waves or wakes can cause boats to tip and injuries to occur. Knowing when to get off the water is key to remaining safe.

Many other situations can lead to injury on the water. To learn more about this topic from a boating accident attorney in Wilmington, visit this website.


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