Top Three Motorcycle Accident Injuries



Motorcycle enthusiasts love the freeing feeling that a ride on a motorcycle provides, but it is important to review the basics of motorcycle safety before you get on the road. Keeping safety at the forefront of your mind will help to ensure that you do not fall victim to the top three injuries caused by motorcycle accidents.

1. Head Injuries

The most common injury caused from a motorcycle accident is an injury to the head. Such an injury can result in a concussion or even brain damage. A concussion can be mild or severe, but brain damage can be debilitating and even fatal.

2. Road Rash

Road rash is sustained when a rider slides across the pavement after the crash impact. The concrete or pavement rubs across the skin as the body skids across it. This can lead to severe skin irritations and infections and can cause surface nerve damage.

3. Muscle Damage

After an accident, it is important to be checked by a doctor to evaluate muscle damage. Muscle damage can become permanent, and paralysis can result.

The keys to protecting yourself are defensive driving and wearing appropriate safety gear every time you ride. If an accident does occur, you will be thankful that you chose to wear protective gear including a helmet, motorcycle pants, kneepads, a jacket and gloves. That choice will likely save you from a head injury, road rash or muscle damage. Motorcycle accident representation in Wilmington is available if the accident was caused by negligence. Visit this website for more information.


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