Waging The War For Workers’ Compensation Benefits

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Most people don’t anticipate being the victim of an injury on the job, hence the aptly named “accident”. Many employers have postings in common areas regarding benefits, but not the claims process. Following a direct procedure may help to expedite the process of filing claims and receiving benefits.

See a Doctor

1- Promptly seek medical assistance. You may subsequently need your doctor or other medical personnel to fill out a formal incident and treatment report upon request.

Alert Your Employer

2- Notify your employer of the accident immediately. Request a claim form and be aware of the time any time frames for submission. State deadlines vary and late claims may be denied.

Complete Requisite Forms

3- Fill out claim forms provided by your employer. Often your employer will submit the forms directly to the insurance company. In some cases, it may be required that you file an additional claim with the local workers’ compensation office.

Collect or Take the Next Step

4- If the insurance company processes your claim uncontested with no objections from your employer, you will then receive information on how to have your medical bills paid and details for any applicable wage loss compensation.

Sometimes employers can make the process more disruptive than necessary. Employers may also request that an employee return to work earlier than recommended by a medical professional. If warranted benefits are denied or any of the aforementioned situations apply, seek legal advice immediately. Click on this website of a personal injury attorney in Jacksonville, for help with post- work injury medical and wage benefit claims.


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